I’m a developer. The web is my playground and JavaScript is my favourite toy.

I’m a Pebble fan and proud owner of a Kickstarter Pebble Time. I developed some watchfaces for it and if you have one too you may like them.

They are open source so if you’d like to see what’s going on at the backstage you can go here and here.

I’m @marcelolaza on Twitter and +Marcelo Lazaroni on Google+.

I mostly write about easy things, like programming and algorithms, but sometimes I like to write about really hard stuff like life and people. For these days I have It’s all about focus.

Here are a couple of cool projects I am working on; contributions are very welcome.


A home-made continuous integration system. A bare-bones application to test your private repositories in your own server when you push to github.

Silver Magpie

A clean and beautiful Twitter client for Google Chrome written entirely in Elm


A Smart Mirror for the Internet of Things. Using NodeJs and Electron, Archimedes is voice controlled assistant that lives behind a mirror’s surface.