I’m Marcelo Lazaroni, a London based software developer who plays mainly with Haskell.

Me and my wife, Sophia Rainy day in Amsterdam with the wife

I’m @marcelolaza on Twitter.

I write mostly about easy things like programming and algorithms. For the days when I feel like writing about the hard stuff like life and people I have It’s all about focus.

Here are a couple of projects I am working on; contributions are very welcome.


Haskell Docs CLI

Navigate Hackage documentation from the command line.

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haskell-docs-cli view of module documentation

Nix Package Versions

Find all versions of a package that were available in a Nix channel and the revision you can download it from.

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Nix Package Versions

Silver Magpie

A clean multi-account Twitter client for Google Chrome.

Demo of Silver Magpie

Dict Parser

Create a fast parser to match dictionary keys in Elm.

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Dict parser number of operations comparison